Saturday, November 6, 2010

TWO HOTHEADS on CANNABIS! Live Radio Today from 4 to 6 at

Shay's Rebellion

Hi Mike,
I'm psyched that Terry and Matt will be on your show today. Good move! So, in that context, I am wondering if I may reconsider your invitation to call in? The show's talking points today are very close to my heart.

Even if I don't hear back from you in time, I'll be listening in today with great interest, once again.
Cheers, Rachel (MaMaMoJo)

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From: Michael C
Subject: [wmdp] THC, Two Hotheads on Cannabis, Saturday, 4pm, MA Marijuana Legalization 2012?
Date: Friday, November 5, 2010, 2:47 PM

THC ; Two Hotheads on Cannabis, Saturday, 4pm!
With guests Chris Goldstein, Terry Franklin, and Matt Allen.

Topics of discussion.

1. 2012 MA marijuana legalization ballot initiative and this last week's election results.

2. Mr. Allen from Mass Patients Advocacy Alliance giving an update on MA State House efforts towards medical marijuana.

3. Mr. Goldstein on this travesty in New Jersey.

NJ's Medical Pot Regs Are a Joke
Chris Goldstein

Though medical marijuana legislation was passed last year in New Jersey, not a single cannabis seed has been planted for qualifying patients. Instead, sick and dying residents are receiving a bumper crop of Jersey-style politics.

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  1. This is prohibtion when reps refuse to act the house must come down . speaking for the public its time to move the reps out they have refuse the 5% tax per order of us all and continue to act in there own intrust Just as it is with the cannabis issue i. The political oppression allows the people to take the government over simple as that ?to arms too arms patriots