Friday, November 19, 2010

CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE IS NOT FUN! Bigots Bust Mild Mannered Hospice Nurse with a Bad Back For Quietly Growing Bud in Her Basement in NH


UNFUN Cop, who Raided Nurse's Home and Stole Money From Her Purse Ignores NH MMJ activist, who patiently waits for him to get real.
Dear Mr. Vaughn,

I have seen some of the videos of your jailing of Nurse Patricia.

[Judge Timothy Vaughn sentenced Nurse Patricia to 2 to 4 years in prison, "to make an example of her," for growing plants: ]

You can't win this, you know....

When I watch moralists trying to mold society through punishment, it is hard not to recall how the ancient Romans tried to crush the Christians. The Christians are still here.

You can stomp on individuals, you can martyr Nurse Patricia. Remember however what Tertullian said: Plures efficimur, quoties metimur a vobis, semen est sanguis christianorum.

The majority of marijuana supporters don't think of it as religious, but that is what it has become. Take a look at the spiritual and iconic artwork on the tens of thousands of marijuana websites online.

Objectively marijuana is merely an intoxicant, not much different from beer. Yet people perceive that intoxication as mystical awe and wonder, a cultural belief slowly developed over 70 years of oppression.

This was entirely predictable. When you attack something strongly, people think it must be important. And because it is seen as important, it becomes worthy of defending.

You bigots have made Legalization into an important Civil Rights struggle. Bigot is the correct word here -- a bigot is defined as someone who feels superior, and who is intolerant of difference. You can't be more bigoted than defining your victim as a criminal, and depicting their sacrament as some kind of vice. I mean, really, How Dare You.

I have been watching the NH courts, and their treatment of Freedom activists over the past few years. New Hampshire makes me think of Alabama in the 60s, and an earlier Civil Rights struggle. You may have all the force and violence of the government at your finger tips, but you are not nearly strong enough to prevent the people from making the world a better place.

Terry Franklin


  1. That activist in the second picture is also expected to end up in prison for a long time.

    But it's real C.D. -- he is defiantly declining a plea deal: