17 out of 18 districts have definitely won.  We are expecting to win 18 out of 18.  We are short on counts in several last precincts to work up final percentages on a few.
These represent over 1 out of 8 districts in Massachusetts.
Over 1 in 10 towns in Massachusetts have voted on legalization.  Final results in from 42 out of 44 towns on that issue.  100% for legalization so far!
Every single town in Scott Brown's old state senate district, that had it on the ballot, voted for medical marijuana.  They have repudiated his work against marijuana reform.
Massachusetts activists have now definitely won 62 (and probably 63) legislative districts as well as a town vote in Amherst since the year 2000.  Those districts represent over 3 1/4 million people. 
We all have never lost one election.  


3rd Hampshire                               69.1%
1st Franklin                                   68.6%
Barnstable, Dukes, & Nantucket       66  %  (approximate- still waiting on two small towns)
1st Middlesex & Norfolk Senate        63.1%
13th Middlesex                              62.1%
8th Essex                                     56.4%
7th Essex                                     56.2%
3rd Middlesex                                54.2%
13th Norfolk                                 54   %


18th Worcester                            62  %  (apprx.- waiting on 3 precincts)
14th Bristol                                  60.8%
2nd Bristol                                   60.7%
9th Norfolk                                  60   %  (apprx.- waiting on 1 pct.)
13th Worcester                            58.7%
3rd Plymouth                               57.5%
2nd Plymouth                              54.8%
1st Hampden                               54.5%
15th Suffolk                                   ?        (waiting on 19 pcts)

posted by John Leonard