Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Legalization Survey from JustSayNow.com

Norm filled out the survey and now, when I try to link to it, it shunts me to a "thanks for your input" message, as if just one opinion per computer is allowable, and this computer has already opined. I've had a similar problem with signing in as myself to firedoglake, where Norm is an active contributor.

I've tried to sign into JustSayNow.com as medicinesocks, not normanb, but can only get to a fundraising form, asking me for information I'd rather not disclose, like credit card numbers, thank you, asking for a donation I haven't got to give, not any way to contact Michael Whitney to ask if I mightn't fill in my own response to the survey even though Norm & I share an ISP. Maybe I can get into the survey if I go online at UMass or something.

 They wouldn't post any information or links we sent to their website about the Massachusetts PPQ's until after November 2,  after the failure of the other states' ballot questions which they did publicize and promote. I understand the distinction they made between our non-binding intitiatives and the states' ballot questions they chose to support, nonetheless, I think it would have been wise of them to pay at least a little attention, as they strategized for this year's elections, to the way political momentum was built for marijuana law reform here in Massachusetts, now amply demonstrated by our across-the-board successful PPQ campaigns.

 *Now* they've posted a piece about the evident potential for significant legislative reforms in Massachusetts. Now they are asking to hear from the grassroots people about what we think works or doesn't work. Clearly they are re-evaluating the effectiveness of their own top heavy infrastructure and need to understand what's working from the base of the movement up.

I am of the grassroots of this movement, have been all my life. What I want to see in my lifetime is the full repeal of marijuana prohibition, amnesty and just reparations for all political prisoners of conscience arrested, uncomplicated access with medical support for all patients who may benefit, and revenue funds, if ever levied on hemp as an industrial or recreational product to go at least in part toward public awareness and outreach, psa's and educational programs addressing and countering the damage of years of disinformation and stigmatization of marijuana and its millions of users.

I've been a professional fundraiser for many progressive campaigns. I'm disabled and broke now and can't personally afford to give money, but I still do everything I can to educate and bring attention to issues and candidates I believe in. I want to be active in this movement until the oppression lifts, until we free it up, I want to weigh in, and work hard, I have ideas and energy to bring to the colloquy. JustSay Now says it wants input from the grassroots, but seems to be having technical difficulties allowing some of that input. I hope that the links below work for you, and that you, dear Reader, will take this opportunity to join the conversation, if you can.

Hi Just Say Now Activist,

The smoke has barely cleared from the 2010 election, but plans are already underway to put legalization on ballots across the country in 2012.

It’s really important that we hear from you now so we can plan our next steps for legalization. How do you feel about this election, and what lessons can we all learn going forward?

Tell us what you think. Click here to take our short survey and help us plan to legalize marijuana in 2012:


Bonus: when you finish the survey, you’ll get a coupon code for 10% off in the Just Say Now store.

There are a lot of voices in the marijuana legalization movement, and it's important to hear from everyone before planning next steps. For example: voters in pot-friendly Mendocino and Humboldt counties overwhelmingly rejected Prop 19, and one-third of those who voted "no" statewide said they actually support legalization.

We’re going to wrap up the survey this week, analyze the results, and then publish a report to show what Just Say Now activists think should happen next in the campaign to end marijuana prohibition.

Thanks for all you’ve done for Just Say Now and marijuana legalization in this election - now help us plan for the next.


Michael Whitney