Sunday, November 14, 2010

Notes From The Underground, Part One

Steph Sherer, Executive Director of Americans for Safe Access and facilitator extraordinaire, looked hot in her black tights, filligree skirt and leather stillettoes as she skillfully ignited a rapid fire brainstorm, a plenary of shared visions that went on for several hours, in a highly overheated conference room, where the Medical Marijuana Stakeholder's Meeting convened at the Boston Public Library yesterday.

We have Matt Allen to thank for bringing this new coalition of activists together around the issue of legalization and safe access for patients in Massachusetts.

Here follows Part One of my raw notes from the meeting, consisting mainly of as many of those ideas volunteered by attendees as I could scribble down furiously, as the visions flew fast and thick through the torrid tropic atmosphere of the conference room:

Mass Patient Advocacy Alliance

Americans for Safe Access

Factoid: Lobby group that worked against decrim in MA subsequently works for medical (?!)

Goal expand scope sustainable movement broaden base of support

ASA 2002 formed to resist DEA raids in CA


2. History of Access
3. Vision of Access
4.Political Landscape
5.Breaking Down Power
6.Strat Tactics
7.Vehicle and Next Steps


Grow Your Own
Diverse Conditions
Not restrictive
No Cities or towns opting out
Safe access
Civil protections for patients
Insure supply of viable product
Layover of numbers
small scale hemp production for medicine, food and fuel as Cottage Industry for Section 8ers (*like me) who wish to develop independent means

*my personal vision, hence i get to go on about it a bit here

Public Education to dispel stigma re medical use

EBT Access

Marketing of edibles, production standards, labelling
Medical support from Doctors and other
care providers
Available over the counter
Mutual respect for/with/from law enforcement officers
a man who spoke with voice generating technology , who told us he founded the first ALS residence in existence, called for  safe access in nursing homes, hospices and assisted living facilities
funding & support for in-state medical research
Doctors educated re benefits
Protection for doctors
VA access for veterans
Broader education of Patients
Dedicated resources
Dedicated Task Force
Funding Mechanisms included in law
Realistic schedule for licensing of Distribution Centers
Law requires prompt implementation once passed
Home delivery to housebound patients
Acess for spinal cord injury patients
Spell out limits of licensing fees
Hundreds of local dispensaries
Penalties, consequences, fines & sanctions for law enforcement excesses
Affirmative defense for nonregistered patients, particularly dying patients
ID voluntary not mandatory for protections
to protect private property from seizure
prevent arrest
prohibit drug testing for medical users
Hotline or network
Collective growing groups
No retroactive penalizing of growers
Empower physicians to decide what can help their patients, not police or politicians
No excessive taxes
Not for profit status clarification
NJ for profit model may be more empowering
marijuana for kids if appropriate (safer than ritalin?)
legal access
 protection for students
Ed of officials of private universities and schools
No excessive zoning laws
Reasonable revenues levied
Medicaid & Mass health access
On site consumption
Physician ed
 Cannabinoid textbook
online library ASA

to be continued...