Thursday, November 18, 2010


I'd appreciate input from anyone with an opinion about how the language of our current MMJ bill here in MA compares to the bills that passed in Maine, New Jersey and Rhode Island.

It's so distressing to read what has been reported by "jimmyhat" in the masscann-activist news digest today, that the new law in Maine has made the cost of legal pot there so prohibitive that people who are ill and disabled, especially those who rely on fixed disability incomes from the government, evidently STILL have not really achieved the goal of legal, safe access to adequate amounts of affordable medical marijuana.  450 to 550 an ounce... are they kidding? Is this a true assessment of how things now stand in Maine?

In New Jersey and Rhode Island, patients are still waiting anxiously for safe access since their MMJ bills passed, while the bureau crazies have still not gotten effective delivery systems up and running.

We Bay Staters do not, in our zeal and urgent haste to bring about changes in our own state law, want to set ourselves up for more prohibitive, ineffectual bureaucratic hurdles to overcome sometime *after* the passage of our MMJ law.

Can we take the time, between now and January to look both critically and constructively at the language of the bill we have here in Massachusetts? Can we have a conversation about tweaking and refining the language of our bill so that, when the time comes for passing our own bill into law, lack of infrastructural preparation, bogged down delivery systems and sky high unrealistic costs continue to keep safe access to medicinal marijuana a distant dream for us patients, whose suffering the new laws are supposed to relieve?