Thursday, November 18, 2010


Space Queen
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By BPG's Eli Scislowicz

Know your terpenes!
Terpenes are flavor compounds. They are found all over in nature and cannabis is no exception. These compounds influence the effect of the cannabis. Here are the chemical names of some of the most common flavors in the world.

Pinene - Pine Flavor
Effects: bronchodilator, stimulant, antibiotic
Strains that contain pinene: Jack Herer, White Widow, Power Plant

Limonene - Citrus Flavor
Effects: antidepressant, immune potentiator, antimutagenic
Strains that contain limonene: Sour Diesel, California Orange

Myrcene - Tropical Fruit Flavor
Effects: analgesic, antimutagenic, antibiotic
Strains that contain myrcene: Mango, Space Queen, Banana