Wednesday, November 17, 2010

So Today, I'm calling my Congressman, Re Safe Access to Food and MMJ

Bread for the World
November 17
Dear Rachel,
Girl at School by Margie Nea

Message and Key Points

– Pass S. 3307, the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act.
– The need for strong, accessible child nutrition programs has never been greater.
– One in 10 households in Massachusetts struggle to put food on the table.
Time is running out. The Senate passed its child nutrition bill in early August, and the House must act before December 3.
Heartbreaking new data released this week shows that nearly one in four children in our country — that’s more than 17 million kids — live in families that struggle to put food on the table.
It's now up to Congress to make a difference in the lives of these children, but time is running out.
  • Hungry kids can’t wait any longer for improvements to breakfast, after school, and summer meal programs.
  • Call Rep. John W. Olver today at 800-826-3688! Congress needs to hear from you that hungry kids and families need their help. The House must pass child nutrition legislation.
The next few days are critical. This is Congress’ last chance to pass child nutrition legislation before it adjourns its 111th session.
Grace and peace,

Derrick Boykin, Flavia DeSouza, and Ricardo Moreno
Northeast Regional and Field Organizers and Organizer for Latino Relations
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