Monday, November 15, 2010

The Medical Marijuana Stakeholders Brainstorm Continued: Part 2, The Political Landscape

Whats an activist to do?

Meet with the state and federal representatives
Mass is refreshingly liberal but still the politicans need to hear from us.
Know you politicos
Develop face to face relationships with them. if you want them to learn about your issue, learn about them

Where do I vote?
Who are my reps on the city, state, and federal level?
What district am I in?

Our  bill goes to the Public Health Committee
Who's on that committee?
state rep
 state senator
2 senators

ASA's ABC's of Citizen Lobbying

Create a relationship with local media, local press

What will alter our ability to work?

Federally illegal
No protections for medical users in this state (?)

Decrim passed
90% dem legislature
Red Sox (?)
Strong leadership
Bi partisan support among voters for our issue
Dept of justice memo "relax"
VA policy change
New England states having passd medical bills we have regional support

Well funded opposition
More positive media coverage than in the past
7 law schools in Mass
many medical schools
'91 ans'95 Mass passed medical laws ( so does that mean some protections for patients?)
Redirecting perceptions of the movement
DARE program
Religious supporters
DA's and law enforcers in support
Bi partisan
Bill languishes in committee for over 20 years-- why?
state law class D
federal law schedule 1
Lack of research
Advocates willing to stand up
Who we are being misperceived
Average age of dispensary clients (in CA?) 44 to 60 years old
Drug war propaganda effects
Student groups
 Involved seniors
Alliances with research and advisory orgs
Volunteerism in the community
GLBT alliances