California, with its Proposition 19, is the place to vote this year. If you have moved there recently, please do so. If you are from there, and still vote absentee, please do that. If you have a friend out there, make sure they are registered to vote. Call them on Election Day with a reminder, friendly or pesky, whichever the case requires.

  But for us voters in the Northeast, I've put together this list of candidates in our own area who support marijuana legalization.

  Not everyone is a single issue voter, but please keep this issue in mind when making your decision. Most of these people are "3rd party" candidates -- Libertarians have been on board for decades -- and it's heartening to see a number of Greens joining them this year. Even without winning, minor party candidates can have an effect: One or both of the major parties see themselves losing voters, and will try to shift their platform in an effort to get them back in the next election.

  I tried to make the list as comprehensive as possible. However, there is no doubt I have missed someone -- especially in the more local races. Carefully evaluate the positions of all the candidates on your ballot before going to the polls on Election Day. Even if someone has not come out for legalization, they may have a position on a lesser issue such as medical, decrim, or hemp which is better than their opponent.


Please Distribute This List Widely

Party Designations:

(D) = Democrat
(R) = Republican
(L) = Libertarian
(G) = Green
(M) = US Marijuana Party
(A) = Anti-Prohibition Party
(I) = Independent
(S) = Independent Socialist



Comptroller     (G) Colin Bennett
Congress        (G) Kenneth Krayeske  1st C.D.
Congress        (G) Charlie Pillsbury 3rd C.D.
State Rep.      (I) Jason Ortiz        54th Dist.


State Rep.     (D) Anne M. Haskell District 117
State Rep.     (D) Mark N. Dion  District 113 (North Deering, Falmouth)


Governor        (G) Jill Stein
Congress        (S) Michael Engel 1st Congr.Dist.
Congress        (D) Barney Frank 4th C.D.
Congress        (R) Sean Bielat also in the 4th
State Sen.      (D) Cythia Creem Newton area
State Sen.      (R) Craig Spadafora   Melrose area
State Rep.      (I) Daniel Melick     Amherst & Granby
State Rep.      (I) Jonathan Loya     Hopkinton area
State Rep.      (I) Ron Madnick       Worcester area
State Rep.      (G) Scott Laugenaur Pittsfield area

In addition, 73 towns in MA have non-binding, but important, advisory questions, "PPQs," on the ballot, concerning either legalization or medical marijuana.  See the very bottom of this mailing for the Question number for each town.*


Governor        (L) John Babiarz
Senate          (L) Ken Blevens
Congress        (L) Phillip Hodson     1st C.D.
Congress        (L) Howard Wilson      2nd C.D.
State Rep.      (L) Brenden Kelly      Rockingham area
State Rep.      (L) Lisa Wilber        Goffstown area
State Rep.      (L) Rich Tomasso       W.Manchester area
State Rep.      (L) Steve Couture      Tilton area


Congress        (L) Russ Conger        3rd C.D.
Congress        (L) Joe Siano          4th C.D.
Congress        (I) David Meiwinkle    also in the 4th
Congress        (L) Jim Gawron         11th C.D.


Wow -- 3 gubernatorial candidates are pro-legalization!

Governor        (L) Warren Redlich
Governor        (G) Howie Hawkins
Governor        (A) Kristin Davis
At. General     (L) Carl Person
Comptroller     (L) John Gaetani
Senate-6yr      (L)+(A) Randy Credico
Senate-6yr      (G) Colia Clark
Senate-2yr      (L) John Clifton
Senate-2yr      (A) Vivia Morgan
Congress        (L) Elizabeth Burney    5th C.D.
Congress        (L) Tom Vendittelli     13th C.D.
Congress        (L) Dino Laverghetta    14th C.D.
Congress        (L) Ernest Bell         24th C.D.
Congress        (L) Marc Romain         25th C.D.
Congress        (L) Dean Sandstrom      27th C.D.
St. Rep.        (L) Anthony Librera     60th Dist.
St. Rep.        (L) Dave Narby          61st Dist.
St. Rep.        (L) Danny Panzella      63rd Dist.
St. Rep.        (L) Bill Gouldman       90th Dist.


Congress        (L) Etzel Vernon        5th C.D.
State Sen.      (L) Betsy Summers       14th Dist.
State Sen.      (L) Edward Gately       28th Dist.
State Rep.      (L) Michael Robertson   63rd Dist.
State Rep.      (L) Vance Mays          64th Dist.
State Rep.      (L) Erik Viker          85th Dist.
State Rep.      (L) Thomas Anderson     109th Dist.
State Rep.      (L) Brian Bergman       119th Dist.
State Rep.      (L) Tim Mullen          120th Dist.
State Rep.      (G) Hugh Giordano       194th Dist.
State Rep.      (L) Willian Kohler      196th Dist.
State Rep.      (L) Michael Muhammad    203rd Dist.


Governor        (I) Ronald Algieri


Governor        (M) Cris Ericson
Senate          (M) Cris Ericson        She's running for both
At. General     (L) Karen Kerin
State Sen.      (I) Larkin Forney       Chittenden County