Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Call For Action

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  Hello WMPD!  Alex Arsenault here, current deputy field director for Yes on 19 in California, although many of you know me from my active role in the Umass Cannabis Reform Coalition.  I am emailing all of you to encourage you to help support Prop 19 from the east coast by making calls from your home.

You just need to go to, make an account and and start making calls to California voters.  The system is very simple to use and includes a training video.  I also know that many of you on this list are leaders in the reform movement in Mass and have your own extensive email lists.  I encourage you to get this link out to your groups and ask as many folks as possible to help Prop 19 by making calls. 

I moved to California from Mass over a year ago to work on Prop 19 because I knew that the best hope we had to legalize cannabis in other states (including Mass) was to start with California. My experiences here has shown me that California is ahead of Massachusetts on this issue, but not by a long shot, and that by legalizing it here first it will become much easier to pass similar ballot initiatives in other states. 

I know that many of you are busy with your own projects in Mass but I hope you can find some time in your schedule to make some calls and help out our efforts in California.  Even more importantly, circulate this link among your email lists and put it up on your sites and blogs to encourage activists across the state to get involved.  The world is watching Prop 19 now and I can tell you from campaign HQ that things are looking great.  We really do have a good chance of legalizing marijuana in the largest state in the country this November and changing the conversation about cannabis policy on a global level, but we need all the help we can get to do it.

Thanks to all of you for your hard work and dedication.  The PPQ's were a great project and I really hope they go well this November!

If any of you have questions about Prop 19, the calling tool, or anything else please do not be afraid to email me back.

Alex Arsenault
Yes on 19, Deputy Field Director.