Thursday, October 21, 2010


Hey Rachel - it's Michael from Just Say Now. I just got this news and need to share it with you.

A new poll from California has Prop 19 down by several points. See below for an email from my colleague Jon explaining what’s up.

Bottom line: it’s all about turnout. Prop 19 is actually WINNING among young people, and people who haven’t yet voted. If we can bring more young voters to the polls, we can win this thing.

We can’t afford to let up. Please chip in $10 to our campaign for Prop 19.

We’ve already made more than 9,000 calls to young voters. We’re running a big outreach effort that won’t let up til the polls close. But we still need to raise $32,000 to pull off our plans to contact enough voters and make up the difference for Prop 19 and legalize marijuana in California.

As Jon said in his email to me, the only way Prop 19 passes is because of a big turnout. There’s just 12 days left. This is it.

Please donate $10 or more right now to pass Prop 19.

Thank you for everything you do.


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Jon Walker
Date: Thu, Oct 21, 2010 at 11:09 AM
Subject: New poll for Prop 19
To: Michael Whitney
Cc: Jane Hamsher

Hey guys -

New poll came out last night. Prop 19 is down, 44% to 49% among likely voters.

Here’s the thing. I took a look at the data; Prop 19 is actually WINNING among people who haven’t voted yet. These are people most pollsters don't include in their "likely" voters models. That means it’s all going to be about turnout.

Polls have been up and down, but two things are for sure:

1. it’s going to be a very tight race, and
2. if Prop 19 wins, it will only be because more people turned out to vote than anyone expected.

Michael - can you forward this to our Just Say Now supporters? Looks like we’re at 20% of our goal for GOTV for Prop 19. It’s going to be so critical to turn out the vote.

We need every vote we can get.

- Jon