Tuesday, October 19, 2010

As Goes California, So Goes The Nation: MaMaMoJo Supports


As a mom, there's nothing I care about more than the well-being and safety of our kids. That's why I'm part of the Yes on 19 Moms Coalition -- and today, I'm asking you to join me.

By strengthening our Yes on 19 Moms Coalition, we'll send a strong signal to the press, the pundits, and undecided voters that ending our failed marijuana policies will make California safer for our kids. This is an incredibly important message to deliver -- so if you're a mom like me, I hope you'll stand with me right now.

Click here to join the Yes on 19 Moms Coalition!

If you're not a mom, please forward this message to all the moms you know -- make sure they join our coalition and help show the strength of our campaign.

Thanks for your help,

Cindy Gaffney
Volunteer & Mom, Yes On 19