Monday, October 18, 2010

An Open Letter To My Readers (All Two Of You)


Esteemed Readers,

MaMaMoJournal is not quite a month old and we've already received almost 500 hits, with a small but growing roster of contributors and readers checking in daily and sharing articles  far and wide, across the country and around the world. Each day I surmount another  logistical challenge, learn a litttle more about the art and craft of blogging. Each day I hit a new, confounding technical wall in my efforts to make this blog look as good as it can and each day I strive to carry the most cogent and useful information I'm able to elicit and share. I sure would love to hear  something from each of of you, Dear Readers, a shout out from your  neck of the woods, a word of assent or respectful dissent, I'd welcome any and all who come in peace and solidarity to this journal. Positive feedback, anyone? Constructive criticism? Thoughts of your own or news of the marijuana movement in your part of the world?
There is so much I would love to know about you. Who are you anyway, when you're at home? Are you actively a marijuana movement supporter, or just a curious observer? What brought you here? What matters to you? What would you like to see when you come to a site like this? What would prompt you to write in?
Who's viewing us across the USA, our biggest audience thus far?
But too, I'm fascinated and intrigued; What part of the country do you hale from, dear readers from Russia?  What's it like to be a marijuana activist in post Soviet Russia, I really wonder!
What's "the haps" with our across-the-pond movement in the UK?
Que Pasa, quiero saber, con la lucha in Spain?
Tell me how things are looking these days in Canada, eh? Does your single payer medical plan cover medical cannabis? I'd be fascinated to learn.
It would be especially wonderful, a real honor to receive word from my viewers in Singapore and Senegal. So far did you find us? Hello! And welcome.
You can't know what a thrill it is  for me to know you are out there.