Saturday, October 23, 2010


Talk to Voters - Predictive Dialer

Getting started

The predictive dialer is a tool that allows you to call five times as many voters as traditional hand-dialing. All you have to focus on is asking voters to mail in their ballots!
The dialer's hours of operation are from 5PM-9PM PT on weekdays, 10AM-9PM PT on weekends.
Here's how you get started:
  • Call 1.877.475.4589
  • Type in your phone number, then press #. It'll then ask if you have an extension for your phone; if you don't, just type # again.
  • Type in the Agent ID number, which is: 1371057#
  • Type in the PIN number, which is: 8675#
  • You'll then be asked to hang up. The tool will call you back in 30 seconds, and you'll be ready to make calls!
  • Be sure to review the talking points.

Talking to voters

  • You will hear a beep when you are connected to a voter. Say hello as soon as you hear the beep. Follow your script.
  • When you are finished with the call, press star (*) on your phone keypad to disconnect with the caller. Do not hang up your phone!
  • After pressing *, you will hear “Please Enter the Disposition” which just means to press the number on your phone keypad which represents the result of your conversation. You do not need to press * a second time. Here are the disposition codes:
    PRESS 1….. Yes
    PRESS 2.…. Undecided
    PRESS 3.…. No
    PRESS 4….. Not Home/Call Back
    PRESS 5….. Already Voted
    PRESS 6….. Wrong Number
    PRESS 7….. Deceased
    PRESS 8….. Other Language
    PRESS 9….. Refused

The Script

Remember to begin as soon as you hear a beep!
Hi! My name is __________ and I’m a volunteer for Yes on Proposition 19, the initiative to control and tax cannabis in California. Our records show you're a permanent absentee voter. Have you mailed in your ballot yet?
IF YES: Great, have a nice day! (end call)
IF NO: Have you heard about Prop 19? (Pause for response)Prop 19 offers a common sense approach: under Prop 19, it will no longer be a crime for adults over 21 to possess small amounts of cannabis. Prop 19 will save hundreds of millions of dollars and enable police to focus on preventing real crime. Prop 19 will also generate billions in revenue to fund what matters in California, as well as provide hundreds of thousands of jobs. Will you commit to support Proposition 19?
IF YES: Great! I see that you're on the vote by mail program; don't forget to mail in your ballot as early as possible.
IF UNDECIDED: Ok, let me tell you a little more about Prop 19. It contains strong safety controls to keep our communities safe, maintains strict criminal penalties for driving under the influence, increases penalties for providing marijuana to minors, and bans smoking it in public, on school grounds, and around minors. These safety controls, and the fact that Prop 19 will enable police to focus on preventing violent crime, is the reason why many police officers, judges, and sheriffs support Prop 19. Can we count on your Yes vote?
IF NO: Thanks for your time; have a great day!