Monday, January 24, 2011

State of the Union: YES WE CAN Speak Truth To Power!

Thanks Terry, for passing this on from MassCann:

The State of Union is approaching and we need to take this opportunity to speak up about ending the prohibition of cannabis


Tuesday Jan 25th: Immediately after the State of the Union, senior White House officials will take questions about issues covered in the speech live form the White House.
If the prohibition of cannabis isn't brought up, we need to be asking why not. If it is, we need to make sure we let the White House know this is what the American people want.

How to participate:
During the address or throughout the panal

1. On Twitter: Reply to @whitehouse using the hashtag #sotu
2. On Facebook: Post your questions to the White House wall
3. On through the webform

Eg. Yes We Cannabis! to Legalize and Tax Marijuana will get the point across

Wednesday Jan 26th: Robert Gibbs will be answering questions from his twitter: @PRESSSEC

How to participate:

1. Follow @PressSec on Twitter to know when Robert Gibbs will take questions
2. Respond to @PressSec using the hashtag #1Q and watch for the video response

Thursday Jan 27th 2:30 PM EST: "President Obama Answers Your Questions"
Live YouTube interview from the White House ... last year more than 700,000 votes were cast.

You may remember from last year when Obama dismissed the question about legalizing marijuana:

Don't let him forget us.

How to participate:

1. Go to
2. Post your own video and text questions
3. Up vote
4. Polls close at Midnight on Wednesday - so go now!

You have to speak up to get heard.

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