Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Marijuana bills in this legislative session (in MA)

From Terry Franklin on the wmdp listserve:
Hi All,

In the flurry of posts to various mailing lists this morning, I am not sure everyone on WMDP heard about H1091.

(This info is Massachusetts specific, so I hope those in other states will bear with us, and perhaps smile a little at our good fortune)

There were 3 positive bills concerning marijuana filed by the deadline in the Massachusetts legislature for the upcoming session, which runs 2 years.

The numbers are called "docket numbers," which will be changed to different "bill numbers" at a later date -- so don't get confused.

House docket # 1091 is the legalization bill (i.e., "tax and regulate")

House docket # 00371 and Senate docket # 0678 are two identical bills concerning medicinal marijuana.

Everyone in MA is encouraged to contact their Rep and Senator to co-sponsor these bills. Those outside the state... please call your friends here to prompt them to do so as well.

MassCann warns that there have also been numerous negative bills filed. We will have our work cut out for us -- pushing the positive, and defeating the negative.

Wishing everyone well.


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