Okay, If No One Else is Willing, I’ll Address the Elephant in the Room — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)
Tucson is a scant 50 miles away from a country in which President Obama started a Civil War. Civility strikes again.
In early December 2008, after election, before inauguration, someone asked Barack Obama an honest legitimate question about legalizing Marijuana to end the violence of its underground economy, and to curtail profits of organized crime. But the President-elect offered no honest answer. Instead, he made a joke about it. Ha ha. Immediately Marijuana-related murders in Mexico shot through the roof. More than one thousand Mexicans were murdered over Marijuana in the following month, and in every month since then. By the time President Obama took office, the situation was declared a Civil War.
Once in office, President Obama appointed Seattle Police Chief Gil Kerlikowske as his Drug Czar. An ABC documentary around that time reported that sentencing guidelines in Washington state called for no jail term whatsoever for people convicted three times of possessing 99 live Marijuana plants. Given the likely profit for such an operation, that policy is tantamount to encouraging cultivation. Kerlikowske was able to severely lower the crime rate by not prosecuting Medical Marijuana “crimes.” But as Czar, “Old 3 Ks” has consistently lied about Medical Marijuana, claiming it has no medical use. The fact is: Marijuana has been used medicinally for thousands of years. Such a civil lie, to perpetuate a Civil War.
But because the War’s victims are mainly Mexicans instead of norteamericanos, civility doesn’t call for ending Prohibition to help end the Civil War. You see, there is so much profit money for corporations in keeping Marijuana illegal, and those very corporations give so much money to President Obama’s election efforts, what do you expect him to do? Just how honest do you think this guy is? The victims are only Mexicans. What’s a thousand deaths a month, more or less? Let’s be civil about this.
Meanwhile, propaganda reports resurrecting the Reefer Madness specter tell us repeatedly that the assassin is a pot-smoking loner, recalling the old claims that Marijuana causes violence and murder. In fact, the opposite is true. But there is a grain of truth behind this myth: People with violent tempers often smoke Marijuana — I smoke it a lot, but my friends with violent temper problems smoke many times as much as I do. Marijuana can stop a temper tantrum or a depressive episode quickly. Arizona voted to legalize it.
The assassinated judge frequently criticized the Obama Administration’s requiring the state(s) to pay costs of fallout from the US Government’s efforts to destabilize Mexico, including paying for the policing of illegal immigration and the Drug War. That judge is much more civil, now that he has stopped criticizing the President, the same President who so civilly claims that as President he is allowed to order assassinations of Americans.
Representative Giffords was named Sierra Club’s most valuable player. President Obama’s environmental record is abysmal. And now the same media voices that called Pres. Obama’s December 2010 series of sellouts “victories” are praising his great civility speech, and passing on the President’s civility message to all Americans. And that message is: “‘Do as I say, not as I do."