Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Message to All Massachusetts Cannabis Patients
Hi there All,
Sorry if this posts to you more than once. Since all of us are not yet on any one listserve together I'm trying to cover all the bases and reach as many of our "crew" of activists as possible.

The last meeting in North Amherst brought a couple of new interesting people into our midst.So far, ten people have come to these meetings, but not all on the same day.

Before the people showed up I heard from our seasoned citizen lobbyist, Matt, who reported that things went very well when he met with Smizik's staffers on Beacon Hill. He said they responded with enthusiasm to the changes we suggested be made in the language of the Massachusetts MMJ bill, although they could not guarantee that all the changes we would like to see will be made this time around. According to Matt, if I'm remembering what he told me correctly, Smizik is willing to up the amount allowable per patient to 24 live plants and 4 oz usable, to include PTSD in the list of treatable conditions and to add language to the effect that the Dept of Public Health may waive fees for low or no income patients. That's not all we'd like to see, but it's a good start...

At the meeting we basically got a little acquainted with the newcomers and talked some more about  what we can do as a group to get closer to legalizing our remedy of choice, including holding potlucks to create a tighter sense of community, reaching out to elders and veterans, writing to our reps to let them know we need their support as co-sponsors of the legislation, setting up meetings with our reps after the new bill is drafted (soon!) and holding more public events such as video screenings and teach ins to educate the community about this movement.

We also talked about the possibility of affiliating our group with Americans for Safe Access by becoming a chapter of ASA. A conference call had been slated for last night, but had to be postponed. I spoke with Kristen from ASA, who would be able to conference with us again this coming Sunday at 6 PM if people agree to that time. I'd like to solid that up with Kristen, so please, if you're reading this now & you want to be part of the conference call this Sunday, let me know as soon as possible.

I wish that the two groups that have formed so far out of the original Stakeholders' meeting, were in better communication. I'd give my right arm to have us all on the same list serve!

I don't have a working computer at home anymore! To RSVP about attending the next meeting and or the conference call please call me at 413 548 9584.

Hope everyone is keeping well and staying warm. best wishes~ Rachel

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