Friday, February 18, 2011


As I cram for the weekend training I think about the people whose energy, experience and intelligence has gone into this voluminous workbook I am now voraciously inhaling and absorbing, as quickly as I can, trying to give it at least one good thorough read in time for the Activist Boot Camp.

I feel their visceral presence in the fluid, informative text. I feel my own struggles validated by their first hand experiences and I am so grateful for the good minds and hearts of all the kindred spirits that have come before us, a host of people who took responsibility for their own healing processes and who worked on behalf of others', in pain and illness, who could so easily have succumbed to cynicism and apathy and just accepted, because living with illness is so much a lesson in acceptance of losses that cannot be helped... the marginalization and privation of their freedoms.

I am grateful to the people who actively resisted repressive laws prohibiting safe access to patients' treatment of choice, and championed for the laws' peaceful transformation, all the hard core human rights activists and legislators who've supported and brought safe access into the political agenda. I'm feeling connected with the arrestees whose unjust persecution spurred the formation of Americans for safe Access and especially, most eerily and compellingly,

I feel the strong presence of some beautiful beings who can no longer speak for themselves, the spirit of those extraordinary individuals who gave their last days to the work of raising awareness, championing for a compassionate, sensible, legal medical marijuana policy in America.

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