Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Oakland previews new cannabis cultivation policy at CA NORML conference

Published on Monday, January 31, 2011

Photo by Cindy Gaffney
On Jan. 28 in Berkeley, California NORML hosted a statewide conference on how to proceed from the Prop. 19 campaign experience. 
Representing a broad spectrum of concerns, attendees at the sold out event expressed gratitude for the opportunity to come together to seek common ground. 

Yet, as Dale Gieringer, director of CA NORML, said in a press release after the conference, “The audience appeared split as to whether adult use legalization or medical marijuana reform should be highest priority … . It was clear by the end of the conference that many questions remain to be settled before an optimal strategy can be formulated, but there is much energy and enthusiasm for trying to do so.” CA NORML is an organization dedicated to reforming the state's marijuana laws.

One definitive statement about the short-term evolution of cannabis commerce and policy came from Oakland Vice Mayor and Councilwoman Desley Brooks. Referring to Oakland’s delayed adoption of a large-scale cultivation ordinance, Brooks pointed out that it was John Russo, Oakland’s city attorney, and not the DEA that expressed concern about the ordinance. 

At this Tuesday's Oakland City Council meeting (Feb. 1), Brooks will introduce amendments to the ordinance that will create a new type of business hybrid for cultivation and dispensing, while allowing existing collectives to continue without alteration.

With pride in her voice and a buzz of enthusiasm from the audience, Brooks summarized the city’s perspective on cannabis policy by saying, “Oakland has always been on the forefront of pushing the envelope with respect to this industry and now we need to take it to the next level.”  

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  1. I'm wondering, what is the next level? A farmer came down from the hills and opined here today, that he has no respect for these lawyers and politicians who want to put taxes and any kind of regulations on "...weed?!", he exclaimed. "Come on now!"
    I have to agree. In my heart of hearts what I want most to do is to free it up.