Sunday, February 6, 2011

Notes from the ASA Conference Calls & some helpful Links (NEXT CALL FEB 13 6 PM)

Sunday, February 6, 2011 9:25 PM

Hi People,

Here's a link to notes from the first conference call we had with Kristen of ASA, if you missed the first email about that:

NOTES FROM Tonight's ASA Conference Call, Sun Feb 6th 2011:

On the line tonight were Kristen of ASA, and, representing the Massachusetts patients' group were Cloudy, Kathryn, Norman, Matt,and me, Rachel.

We talked at some length about the upcoming ASA Virtual Conference, also dubbed the Activist's Boot Camp, which I for one am very interested in attending. Norm informed the group that he found a public space for holding the conference at the First Churches of Northampton, reserved for Feb 19th-20th from 10 AM to 5 PM each day, and he agreed to pay $100 fee to the church tomorrow morning to secure use of their space and audio visual equipment. Matt offered to reimburse Norm with MPAA funding for the room fee (get a receipt for the payment, Norm!) and suggested it may be possible for MPAA to cover or support some of the the fees for low- or no-income patients and/or activists who want to attend the Boot Camp but can't afford to pay the full charge. When we get more info from Amber of ASA, who is the contact person for the Boot Camp, we'll know if ASA can waive or scale the fees down themselves and plan accordingly. I think Matt said he might have funds to
cover any equipment beyond what the church can provide, if that becomes necessary? Not sure I'm recalling that right.

Here is a link to the notice I posted to facebook about the ASA Boot Camp;

Amber will be mailing a batch of ASA's flyers to our address. Anyone who wants to take a bunch and help distribute them is welcome. Kristen explained the flyer is kind of generic and leaves a space for the details for our area to be filled in.

Questions for the location came up. Who will facilitate? (Kathryn offered) How is it structured? Will there be breaks for lunch, etc? Can we bring in our own pot luck food items, and is there a kitchen we may use? What about carpooling from Boston? Seems like all will be more clear and possible to plan around after we've heard more from Amber and after Norm talks to the woman at First Churches again.

The main concern about the Boot Camp seemed to be around how to deal with the cost and we all agreed we want to find a way to ensure anyone who really wants to participate has the opportunity to do so, regardless of ability to pay.

We talked about getting the word out for the conference to local papers, including the Advocate, ... we have a good media contacts list (from Terry) to use which will help us spread the word throughout the area, including radio stations and other local media. Kristen suggested we contact groups specific to patients with MMJ responsive medical conditions which sounds like a great idea, this may yield many new people interested in becoming more active as MMJ advocates.

WE MOVED ON from discussing the Boot Camp and I was a bit surprised that people had yet to look into the different sorts of association we might form with ASA. Kristen sent us links after the last conference call, here's a reprint of her email to us:

"Hello All--

It was wonderful to talk to you all last night about grassroots organizing in Mass.

Also, thank you for your interest in getting involved with Americans for Safe Access. As the nations largest medical marijuana grassroots organization, ASA depends on the determined members of our community, like you, to bring safe access to all patients across the country.

Please click here to explore the different ways you can get involved (

If you already know that you want to start a chapter or become an affiliate, please click here to view our chapter manual and other resources to get started (

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to ask.

I look forward to hearing from you soon about the path you chose to take!"

Well. so, (this is Rachel typing at you again) this time around, how 'bout we all take a look at those links Kristen sent and have a bit of a pow wow about them right here on this list. Kristen assured us once again that however we choose to associate, as a chapter, an affiliated group or as responders to action alerts, ASA is there as a resource and is glad to be supportive of our efforts.

THE NEXT CONFERENCE CALL will take place on Sunday Feb 13th at 6PM. let's keep in touch before then, shall we?

And, finally, for your perusing pleasure, here's the most current version of our BILL:


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