Wednesday, February 2, 2011

On the TO DO List Today

My reps, Stan Rosenberg and Ellen Story, responded to instructions from a clear majority of their voters last November, to letters like the ones I've sent,to emails and calls for support,(not only from me I presume), by actively introducing new legislation into the  State House and Senate. Stan is showing his support for Smiziks MMJ bill by introducing identical language in the senate house, Ellen has reintroduced the bill freeing responsible adults to grow, possess and use marijuana gratuitously in Massachusetts until.

So now what do I do? I must thank them again!

And today I will fire off postcards to all the reps from the districts which voted on the PPQ's and remind them of  their own, voter generated TO DO's... the heroes and the wusses alike.

Dear Rep________,

ACTION ALERT (while there's still time!)

Your voters, responding to Public Policy Questions have instructed you to (here I'll enter the language of the PPQ from that rep's district)

Please honor this instruction by co sponsoring Franks Smizik's Medical Marijuana Act and Ellens Story's Act to Regulate and Tax.

(OR) I am writing to thank you for being a cosponsor of this enlightened and forward thinking new legislation.

Do you feel it is right for seriously ill patients to be arrested and imprisoned for using, with their doctor's support, a medicine that works gently and safely to greatly relieve their suffering?

Do you feel it is right for responsible, law abiding adults to be arrested and imprisoned for being peaceful, otherwise law-abiding conscientious objectors to a law your constituents, in clear majority, are instructing you to abolish?

Please respond to my questions. I want to fully understand your position and I hope you will treat mine with the respect and attention it deserves.


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