Friday, December 17, 2010

The South Shore Meeting's Notes

here are Shanna's notes from the meeting:

December 15, 2010
Dispensaries in RI – MA current bill is exactly like RI
Bill – MPAA and ASA wants to make changes, but it is all up to Smizick, State Rep for Brookline, Lead Sponsor. Filed Jan 19th. About a dozen co-sponsors:

Changes to the bill:
List of diseases, condition: better to have an open ended prescription,
Number of plants per patients: It is hard to regulate with perpetual cycles, at least 6 ounces per patient and 24 plants
Number of dispensaries: compare to pharmacies
No limit for number of licensed caregivers in state, and they can grow up to 99 plants total
Allowed to go to any dispensaries: competition, quality, capitalist model
Research opportunities for patient and doctors and diversity of plants to support
Ideal: No ID cards, not tied to Dispensaries, broad limit, 6 ounces per patient
Section 6a needs to change! Cannot be so tied to a certain medical treatment center

Can we? Systematic assignment of a treatment center to grow 12 plants per licensed patient but the patient can buy wherever he wants or even grow himself or find a caretaker to grow for him.

Who is your rep? Need to know your congressional, senate in general court, rep in general court – where do they stand? We made a spreadsheet for all in attendance. Need to find out more about our official reps.
Talking points: Need to have the same fact sheet that everyone goes to their elected official with. Tell your personal story.
Hearing: as soon as March or maybe as late as October. Need to practice our stories so they are the most effective. Should the training for hearing separate than training to talk to our officials in their office? Can we have 100 people rally for the hearing? YES WE CAN!
Return to the bills co-sponsor
Talk to Smizik: make sure we have a good team

Words to use (email / phone / meeting)
Your personal story
Medicinal Cannabis / Marijuana
Leave copy of fact sheet in the office, your personal story written down, endorsements,

next steps for MPAA: Talk to Matt we want a small meeting to delegate responsibility for next stepp of MPAA. We want MPAA to be a part of ASA.
We will call a meeting for 10 people and call it an ASA meeting. We meaning the Massachusetts Shore Meeting Group - Contact Stefanie from ASA: we want to join, how can you support us? Can people name appear in different chapters?
Next Meeting: January 11th, 7:30, Fuji, Quincy Center. Open to public and will be a chapter ASA meeting. Meeting next month to educate ourselves on the final wording of the Bill and to strategize which official we need to meet. Setting up a framework for a grass works organization.

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