Monday, December 13, 2010

12/12/10 Meeting

It's going to take me a while to work on transcribing the voluminous
notes Kathryn took at our meeting yesterday, but I just couldn't wait
to let everyone else on this list serve to know our first get together
was very encouraging, a great meeting of several bright and focused
minds. Watch this space for details!

We haven't settled on a name for the group, but we are, as you know,
the seed of a new patient led prohibition repeal advocacy group here
in Western Mass. We actually found that, as a group, what we really
want is the full repeal of the outdated and draconian prohibition laws
against marijuana. We also agreed, as we read into the MMJ bill, that
we want to work together on the language of the current MMJ bill to
make it more fair and more effective. We don't want to pass a bill
into law that bogs down in a morass of beaurocratic nonsense.

While our personal objectives do not stop at getting marijuana
legalized for patients like ourselves, we want at this time to focus
on the medical issue and work in concert and cooperation with medical
marijuana groups and campaigns, including of course on behalf of
Matt's MPAA but also most probably with with ASA, and DPFMA as well.
We'd  like to participate in the ASA conference call and find out more
about becoming a Massachusetts chapter. The ASA citizen lobbyists'
training is also somethng we feel would be great for us to

We agreed to each contact our state reps this coming week to encourage
them to support the passage of our medical marijuana bill, by signing
on if they haven't aleady, and, if they already have, we will ask them
to show support at this time by reaffirming their commitment to
protecting the rights of us patients, our doctors and care providers
here in Massachusetts.

My State Rep, Ellen Story, has already signed on to the Massachusetts
MMJ bill. I'm writing her again today, and here is what I'll say:

Dear Representative Story,

Thank you so much for signing on to the Massachusetts Medical
Marijuana Bill. I am a patient and a constituent in Amherst who is
glad you did, and proud of you for taking a stand to help people like

Please encourage your colleagues to add their support to the bill and
let me know who among them may be willing to help us.

I've suffered for so long, endured so much mindblowing pain, and my
doctors and I have seen that the conventional treatments available,
each with its attendant risks and toxic consquences and side effects,
are no longer helpful in my case. Please help us legalize marijuana
for sick and suffering patients. Ask your colleagues what they think
might be worse for the health of someone  who lives with a deadly or
chronic disease, a little puff of something gentle and nontoxic that
can quickly lift the pain and misery, or arrest and imprisonment?

Thanks again for your attention and support,

Rachel Neulander

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