Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Some Effective Arguments for Medical Marijuana Advocates

From a document by Bruce Mirken, MPP director of communications:

Which is worse for seriously ill people: marijuana or prison?

Saying that the THC pill is medicine but marijuana must stay illegal is like saying, “You can have a vitamin C pill, but we’ll throw you in jail for eating an orange.”

I ’m very concerned about the message that’s sent to children when government officials deny marijuana’s medicinal value. They’re destroying the credibility of drug education.

The central issue is not research, and it’s not the FDA. The issue is arresting patients.

How many more studies do we need to determine that seriously ill people should not be arrested for using their medicine?

Hundreds of thousands of patients are already using medical marijuana. Should they be arrested and sent to prison? If so, then the laws should remain exactly as they are.

Arrest suffering, not patients.

As long as we have a war on drugs, let’s remove the sick and wounded from the battlefield.

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