Tuesday, December 14, 2010

From the Amherst Area Chamber of Commerce

 As requested, here is a copy of the email you sent to Representative Ellen Story.
                Dear Representative Story,
Thank you so much for signing on to the Massachusetts Medical
Marijuana Bill. I am a patient and a constituent in Amherst who is
glad you did, and proud of you for taking a stand to help people like
Please encourage your colleagues to add their signatures to the bill and please
let me know who among them you think may be willing to help us.
Having a sense of who our allies are on Beacon Hill would be very helpful.
I've suffered for years, endured mindblowing pain, which eats away at my life and my self esteem.My
doctors and I have seen that the conventional palliative treatments available,each with its attendant risks and toxic consquences and side effects,are no longer helpful in my case.
Please help us legalize marijuana
for sick and suffering patients. Ask your colleagues what they think
might be worse for the health of someone who lives with a deadly or
chronic disease, marijuana to ease the pain and misery, or the trauma and disgrace of arrest and imprisonment?
Thanks again for your attention and support,
Rachel Neulander
395 State St
Amherst, MA 01002

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