Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Coalition! A Meeting of the Minds

Hi All,

MassCann hosted a meeting Saturday, and invited all Massachusetts activists.

About 50 people attended. There were folks from MassCann, CRC, LEAP. At least 1 head of an SSDP chapter. Medical folks from Americans for Safe Access, and Mass Patients Advocacy Alliance. I didn't know everyone, but I believe Mass Drug Policy Forum was there -- or will at least hear of what went on. The chief editor of Mass Marijuana Movement Journal had a representative there. There was even someone back from California, where he had been an exec of the Prop 19 campaign.

It was a fantastic networking event.

I got an opportunity to give a presentation on the Freedom Bus Caravan,

There was a medical marijuana update & talk of legislative action.

There was also talk of legalization legislative action -- but that would be a PR opportunity -- nobody expects the legislature to act on it.

There was a good deal of brainstorming about a possible voter ballot initiative. Nothing was decided -- but nothing really could have been decided -- we must await the outcome of polling, focus groups, lawyers, etc.

A good time was had by all!

So.... all those other Northeast states.... Time to get going on building coalitions & bridges.... and getting ACTIVE!


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