Sunday, March 20, 2011

Medical Marijuana Advocates March in Missoula


POSTED: 10:58 pm MDT March 19, 2011
Over one hundred medical marijuana advocates marched in Missoula Saturday to show their displeasure with the federal raids.The Feds raided 26 medical marijuana facilities in 13 Montana cities last week. The raids came after an 18 month multiagency investigation that looked into drug trafficking and tax evasion.But cannabis consumers feel the raids are not a federal issue and they violate people's rights."I think it's inappropriate for the federal government to intrude into Montana politics, I think timing is questionable and I think the targets are questionable as well," said Doug Chyatte member of Montanans for Responsible Legislature."We voted, we pay taxes, I want them to leave us alone, just like everybody else, it's just wrong," said medical marijuana patient Suzzane Dmarinis.The group of protestors met at Caras Park before going down Higgins, until they reached their destination in front of the court house. The crowd yelled out, "DEA Go Away.""I hope that we get listened to today, I hope we make a difference and if not we will keep rallying we keep doing because someone's got to listen," said Dmarinis.The raid warrants given to NBC Montana state the Feds have permission to search until March 26th, but it unsure if any more raids will actually occur.

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