Friday, September 24, 2010

Welcome To The Massachusetts Marijuana Movement Journal

MaMaMoJo's mission is first to follow the progress of the Public Policy Questions, all 73 of them, coming up for a vote this November on  Massachusetts ballots across the state, having to do with either medical use or the establishment of  tax and revenue schedules similar to those that regulate alcohol, so the state may benefit from the sale of legally marketed marijuana. These Questions will appear on ballots across the state thanks to the efforts of many dedicated activists. The PPQs are a a grassroots tool that we, the people have used to put forward to the voters those changes we want to see in the laws that still unjustly and unecessarily criminalize and marginalize marijuana and its advocates.

 MaMaMoJo will also be developing a serious but snazzy folkloric and historical ethnograph and ongoing activists' story collection project, a multi media anthology and archive, and if you're still reading, if you're with me on this, if you too have been working quietly behind the scenes for years on reforming the marijuana laws, or if you've been going public and vocal about it all, you brave, stubborn, thick-skinned soul you... despite the threats to your personal sovereignty and freedoms, inured to the scoffs and derisive snorts of skeptics and critics who thought this political dog would never hunt... Yes YOU, for being on the vanguard of this movement MaMaMoJo salutes you. We wish to offer our heartfelt thanks and praise for your all good work so far.  We're calling on you, dear colleagues, to chime in, Tell Us Your Part of the Story! Please, in your own words, or in a video, or a poem or song, a chart, a diagram, a rant or a rave:

How did you do it? How, after years of tacitly sweeping the issue of marijuana justice off the agenda and under the rug, were our state representatives sent such a huge wake up call and instructed to vote for legal improvements in the current policy? How is it that this time around, the brightest, greenest new light on the horizon this state has ever seen, Green Rainbow gubernatorial candidate Jill Stein, has commited to supporting the efforts of this  Movement?  How is it were you able to demonstrate to  Dr. Stein and the other candidates that a clear majority of voters all across Massachusetts   are anxious to repeal the old, outworn prohibitive policies of our state?  Ardent activist movers and shakers, rebels with a cause, not just this cause but any injustice in the system-- and friends of progressive causes everywhere want to know.

What is a Public Policy Question and how does it work?
How can ordinary citizens in our state get one of those questions up on a ballot?
How can the votes on a non-binding question wield so much clout in an election?

MaMaMoJo believes that the personal is political, and passionate, and makes a great story. The epic sweep and dramatic scope of our stories all woven together here on the blog, heroic tales of the door to door voter reg and petition drives that brought about the overwhelmingly positive public response; these true accounts of grassroots democracy in action and its startling effects will not only illuminate the workings of our PPQ masacree movement and all the diverse characters, the tireless workers who moved the PPQ campaigns so far along; our story so far will inspire and empower others to act bravely, to think forward and to change the things we can.

Are you a dreamer? A doer? And can't you feel the Massachusetts Marijuana Movement Mojo rising as we get closer and closer to voting day in November??? Rise up with our Movement! Speak Out! This is a Movement whose time is Now! MaMaMoJo wants your story, for the Movement, for the Momentum, for the sheer magical power of all our voices, chiming in together to Just Say Now.